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Control Room Working


The Control Room is a established in Police Line, Bathinda  and it has a stellar role to play in providing efficient and accountable system of Police working.


Police Control Room=100, 250731  
Women Help Line = 0164-2215020


The main objectives for establishing a Police Control Room , of the present type include among others:-

  • Comprehensive and round the clock security cover to the city thereby providing area security.
  • Immediate and timely police response to any situation especially crime situation.
  • High visibility of the police force /patrol vehicles and easy accessibility to the public to act as effective deterrent to activities of criminals.
  • Maintaining an efficient system of radio, telephonic and tele-printing communications between PCR and different units of  District Police Faridkot,  police headquarters and all the districts in Punjab.
  • Keeping all concerned officers informed of all important incidents which may have bearing on the law and order and crime situation in the  District Bathinda
  • Rendering help to injured persons /victims of crime by removing them to the nearest hospitals immediately.
  • Rendering public service of general nature by guiding and helping children, senior citizens and ladies in distress etc.
  • Ensure implementation of city sealing, red alert, contingency plans in the event of serious crime, man-made and natural disasters.
  • Act as nodal centre for clarifying any doubt and issues relating to rumours etc.
  • Management and control of crime through efficient delivery and retrieval system in the Control Room.
  • To provide details about crime, crime situation etc to common people.
  • To submit statutory returns about crime to PPCR for perusal of DGP Punjab and senior functionaries of the Govt.
  • To ensure accountable system of police working. This will further be possible with facilities of storage and retrieval of data related to various calls made to Control Room.

PCR Motorcycles

i) Motorcycles = 15      (Motor cycles patrolling  round the clock)


i) WASPS = 10      (WASP patrolling Daily 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for the safety of


Tavera Patrolling

i) Tavera = 7      (Patrolling  round the clock)

ii) Quick Reaction Team (QRT) has been constituted to act as first responder in event of terrorist attack and organized attack by criminals. It is fully trained and equipped with weapons and proper gadgets.


    • Receiving call in a polite and courteous manner.
    • Immediate action on such calls received in Control Room. .
    • Police  Control Room will immediately inform concerned PS/PP, Halqa DSP and all GOs. about crime incident or any other situation warranting police response.
    • Police  Control Room will also inform about such incidents/situations to SSP, SP(Hq), SP(Det), and concerned Halqa DSP. etc.
    • Police  Control Room will be responsible for alerting Control Rooms of nearest districts about incident/situation.
    • Police  Control Room will also alert highway patrol vehicles about any such incident/situation.
    • Police  Control Room shall submit statutory returns about crime to PPCR for perusal of DGP, Punjab and senior functionaries of the Government.
    • Police  Control Room shall ensure effective implementation of city sealing/red alert/contingency schemes etc as and when required.
    • Police control Room shall provide information about movement of threatened dignitaries/VVIP/VIP in the area of District Faridkot
    • Police  Control Room shall ensure timely and efficient disposal of correspondence received from various offices especially offices of senior officers.

Helplines : Guiding and helping those who are in need of help .The call on helpline will be attended to immediately by Control Room Staff and appropriate remedial action be taken by them.

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Control Room Working
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